2023 Award Winner: Josephine Sanges

March 5, 2023

Tribute Show

The Funny Girl in Me

Bistro Award winner Josephine Sanges is a MAC Award and Broadway World winner and the recipient of the Mabel Mercer Foundation’s Margaret Whiting Award. Together with musical director John M. Cook, Josephine has performed several critically acclaimed shows, including a tribute to jazz singer Ann Hampton Callaway, as well as to legendary composer Harold Arlen. Her most recent show, The Funny Girl in Me, honors the legacy of Fanny Brice and the music both written for and inspired by Brice’s life. Stephen Mosher of Broadway World called it “…one of the best, most seamlessly crafted and executed tribute shows this writer has ever seen.” Under the sponsorship of the Mabel Mercer Foundation, she has been a regularly featured artist at Town Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center. Her LaMott Friedman Award–winning album, Finding Beauty: The Music of Ann Hampton Callaway, and her first album, Color Me Blue, are available on iTunes and Spotify. When she’s not busy making music, she enjoys getting her hands dirty at her local pottery studio. www.josephinesanges.com


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