1) What famous film actor is a centerpiece of Patrick Swailes Caldwell’s The Circus Has Been Cancelled?

2) Of which 2019 Bistro honoree did Johnny Carson say, “She’s going to be a big talent and a big star, that young lady”?

3) This 2019 Bistro Awards honoree can be heard on the soundtracks of the films Sophie’s Choice and Bullets Over Broadway.

4) Which former Bistro Award winner was Ricky Ritzel’s partner in the classic cabaret show 1939

5) Which of this year’s winners was educated at Vassar and now teaches at Fordham University?

6) Frances Ruffelle appeared in a 2006 revue celebrating the music of this composer, who was a presenter at the 2014 Bistro Awards gala.

7) Which of this year’s honorees has the same first name as one of last year’s winners, and performed a somewhat similar New Jersey-centric winning show?

8) Shirley Crabbe performed a tribute show to which music icon at the Metropolitan Room?

9) Which 2019 Bistro honoree played the drums at the Public Theater and in what production?

10) Which 2019 Bistro Awards honoree sang in support of the candidacy of Virginia’s Abigail Spanberger, who was elected to Congress in 2018?

11) At which now departed cabaret/restaurant did New Yorkers first encounter the beaming energy and warmth of Sidney Myer as he greeted them each evening?

12) Which 2019 Bistro winner was a runner-up in the Miss Virginia USA pageant?