2024 Show Photos

It was a dazzling assortment of talent and virtuosity. Each and every one of the honorees of our 39th annual Bistro Awards gala event proved to the audience exactly why they were chosen by the Bistro Awards team as recipients of a Bistro Award for Outstanding Achievement. Kudos to all of our honorees, including Lifetime Achievement awardee, Robert Klein, for their talents, generosity, and spirit; the evening’s host, the very funny Steve Hayes, our top-notch Bistro Band (Daryl Kojak, Rex Benincasa, and Ritt Henn), our A-1 production crew (Jean-Pierre Perreaux, Jonny Mercado, and his always-on-the-move stage managers), our distinguished announcer Sidney Myer, our wiz of a program designer Frank Dain, and a very special thanks to my Bistro Awards super team–Gerry Geddes, Mark Dundas Wood, and Mary Lahti. It’s the work of everyone combined that made this very special evening possible.

Photos left to right. Keep in mind, photo order may vary depending on screen size. Top Row: Gotham marquee before the show; the audience awaits; Producer Sherry Eaker. Row 2: Our animated logo; trophies awaiting their recipients; gift bags for supporters (photo: Ann Talman); Row 3: Tony Yazbeck (Song & Dance Performer); Robert Klein (Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement); Maud Hixson (Recording). Row 4: Karen Mack (Variety of Cabaret Performances); Rex Benincasa (Drums); Musical Director and Pianist Daryl Kojak. Row 5: Ritt Henn (Bass); Julie Gold (Iconic Singer-Songwriter-Raconteur); Jason Henderson (Musical Comedy Performer). Row 6: (stacked photos) Linda Kahn (Recording) and Assistant Producer Mary Lahti; Margaret Curry (Vocalist); Associate Producer Mark Dundas Wood. Row 7: Robert Klein; Amber Gray (Creative Artistry in a Cabaret Debut); Roberto Araujo (Autobiographical Performer). Row 8: Robert Klein (twice); Wendy Scherl (Tribute Show). Row 9: Robert Klein (atop piano); Elvira Tortora (Musical Memoir).; Gerry Geddes (Director). Row 10: Host Steve Hayes; Margaret Curry; two stacked photos of Robert Klein. Row 11: Julie Gold; Robert Klein; Steve Hayes. Row 12: Maud Hixson; Steve Hayes and Sherry Eaker; Linda Kahn. Row 13: Tony Yazbeck; Amber Gray; Presenter Marshall Fine and Robert Klein. Row 14: Roberto Araujo; (stacked photos) Lisa Vroman (Theatrical Cabaret) and Karen Mack; Wendy Scherl. Row 15: Jason Henderson; Elvira Tortora; Steve Hayes and Sherry Eaker. Row: 16: Gotham marquee post-show.