Awards Staff 2024

Sherry Eaker—Producer

Sherry Eaker began producing the Bistro Awards show in 1990 with “Bistro Bits” columnist Bob Harrington, who created the Awards in 1985. Eighty Eight’s was chosen as the first venue, and, after Bob’s passing, the event moved on to the Ballroom, then the Supper Club, and eventually to, Gotham Comedy Club, where it has remained for the past 18 years. Sherry had been producing the show during her long tenure as editor in chief of Back Stage, but since 2008 she has been producing it under the banner of her own producing company, SEE Theatrical Productions. She is also the editor of and sends out a weekly newsletter with the site’s latest posts. Sherry continues to see the importance of recognizing, encouraging, and supporting new and aspiring talent.

Mark Dundas Wood —Associate Producer

Mark Dundas Wood is an arts/entertainment journalist and dramaturg. He began writing for in 2011. Currently, he writes the “Bistro Bits” column for the site. Other reviews and articles have appeared at and, as well as in American Theatre and Back Stage. As a dramaturg, he has worked with New Professional Theatre and the New York Musical Theatre Festival. He is currently literary manager for Broad Horizons Theatre Company.

Mary Lahti—Assistant Producer

Mary Lahti is a two-time MAC Award winner, for her shows Woulda, Coulda Shoulda (2023) and A Kid Again (2014). She was also part of Lois Morton’s show Twentieth Century Girl, which won the 2014 MAC Award for Best Revue. She often volunteers for cabaret-community and theatre-community events, especially when they support special causes. As an actress, Mary performs in musical theatre (most recently as Miss Hannigan in Annie at the Riverdale Repertory Company), nonmusical plays, and film/TV, and she is a member of the senior dance team The Pacemakers. She loves to collaborate with her talented husband, Jim, write parodies, choreograph, and teach. She is also a visual artist and a “creative brainstorming” coach. 

Gerry Geddes—Director

Gerry Geddes, senior critic for BistroAwards,.com is an award-winning director, writer, teacher, performer, lyricist, and a regular contributor to the podcast Troubadours and Raconteurs. He conceived and directed the acclaimed musical revues Monday in the Dark with George (Bistro and MAC Award winner), Put on Your Saturday Suit—Words & Music by Jimmy Webb, and Fabulous First Fridays (continuing its five-year residency at Pangea). He has directed award-winning singers André De Shields, Darius de Haas, Helen Baldassare, and Lisa Viggiano. As a creator and critic, he has been active in the cabaret world for five decades. Gerry has produced numerous CDs, and his lyrics have been performed in clubs throughout the city ,and on recordings here and in Europe. His memoir of his life in NYC, Didn’t I Ever Tell You This?, was published in November, 2023 and is available on his website,