2023 Award Winner: Beverley Church Hogan

March 4, 2023

Jazz Recording

Sweet Invitation

Vocalist Beverley Church Hogan’s career was just on the verge of really taking off when life decided it had different plans for her. The Montreal native moved to Los Angeles to pursue her burgeoning singing career, and at the age of 21 was offered a recording contract with Capitol Records. The contract required her to tour for 54 weeks, but by that time, she was married and had a baby. She turned down the contract, and for the next 40 years, her focus was on being a mother, a wife, and a businesswoman. But she found her way back to music on the LA jazz scene, and her annual shows at Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood are always sold-out events. Beverley went on to release two albums: the first—Can’t Get Out of This Mood—at age 83, followed three years later by Sweet Invitation. Both albums received rave reviews and national radio airplay.


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